Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brother and Sister Cranney Welcome Blake

Dear Brother and Sister Wight,

It has been wonderful for us to meet your son and get to know him and feel of his great spirit. We are confident that he will make a significant contribution to the Lord's work in Russia.

Initially, your son will be serving with Elder Morgan. Your son will learn a great deal from him. They will be serving in the Sokolniki area inside of Moscow.

As I am sure you know, uplifting and encouraging letters from home are as important as food and shelter for a missionary. Sharing with him your faith, your spiritual experiences, and your love will bless and sustain him tremendously. For mailing letters, the Church pouch is the fastest and most reliable method. LDS bishops have instructions for using this system. To reach the USA, letters from Moscow generally take at least two weeks, but can require more time. Preparation day is now Wednesday. You can expect to receive an e-mail from him each week. Here is the address for any correspondence you would like to send in the pouch:

Russia Moscow Mission

PO Box 30150

Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

If you wish to send packages, address them to the following:

101000 Moskva

Glavpochtampt a/ai 257


Packages generally require at least three weeks for delivery. USPS or DHL works best for mailing packages.

We send this letter to you with our pledge to do all that we can to help your son be safe, well and enthusiastic in this thrilling missionary adventure. Thank you for entrusting him to us for this important time of his life.


President and Sister Cranney

P.S. Every month our mission puts out a monthly newsletter called the Moscow Messenger. It usually includes our new missionaries, those we've had to say good-bye to, birthdays, excerpts from some of the missionaries' weekly e-mails, and other similar items.

Anyway, we thought that some of the parents might like to be receiving it as well. It might give you some more "insight" into what life is like for your son as you read it. If you'd like us to e-mail it to you each month, please just respond to this e-mail and we will see it gets to your home.