Monday, December 14, 2009

Swine flu, watches, and Reading


Snail mail letter...

Dear family

This week was uneventful, so I apologize if it is short.
We had our SYL (speak your language) meeting, where they talked about how we should only speak Russian.

Our lesson last Wednesday went really well I thought. I feel like I can kind of express what I really want to say during a lesson. Outside of lessons though, I know nothing.

Guess what? My and timepieces. I don't know why. My watch was falling apart, it just finally busted.

I finished the Book of Mormon, the talks at General Conference (except relief society), and Our Heritage this week. I feel pretty good about that. I have started D&C and Jesus the Christ.

I'm over that cold I had, everyone seemed to have picked it up, but we are all healthy now. My roommate had swine flu, but we all got vaccinated, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. The memory card was labeled I think? I've heard stories of people having slits in their mail and their cards gone. I will definitely try doing what dad suggested.

That's all for this week.

Fun Russian fact...I don't have's hard.
Christmas wish list (*Some I need)
*Alarm clock (maybe shock proof?)
*Watch (anything will work. I've seen good looking watches for $12)
Sweater vest?
face mask deal so my face doesn't freeze off.
Scarf or two
Any other goodies
I might add some stuff in P.S.
a few pictures of Thunder

я люблю вас!
Blake Wight