Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pre Thanksgiving snail mail

Blake's snail mail home....

Dear family,

I'm just going to write to you all. If you want a letter just to you, you're going to have to put in some overtime and not write when mom makes you ;)

Uh...No card? I hope I just forgot it. I'll look. Bummer. Just know they were good. (In his last letter he sent his memory card and I didn't get it. I've look everywhere. UGHHHH)

I don't think the gingerbread house is going to work out, its tooo messy. I appreciate it though. I'll just keep the candy.

Casey, sorry to ruin your parade, but my mission boundaries no longer include Kazakhstan anymore. I hope that's not why you chose it. (It was, but oh well. If any of you are interested in visiting Kazakhstan Casey has made a cool travel brochure you can take a look at.)

Samantha, MTC is good, except the food. Campanion is good. And I have learned SO much Russian, but only enough to teach discussions.

Carissa, I'm glad your teeth are doing well, hahahah:) (She has been loosing some teeth, like 4).

I don't think the room is mine, I don't even remember taking that picture.

Dad, I loved the e-mial/Dear Elder, hopefully I'll have replied via e-mail by the time you get this.

I hear Elder Holland is coming on Thanksgiving with probably some other apostle!

Russian fun fact:
Every verb has perfective/imperfective form. So for every verb I have to learn 2 words, and there are 6 verbs for "to go"!

Anyways, love you all

я люблю вас!
Blake Wight

P.S. Dallin H Oaks spoke tonight, it was amazing!

P.P.S. I didn't end my e-mail because I looked and I had 12 seconds left. My bad.