Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day


I'm pretty sure we don't usually get to email this often... hahaha, but its the Christmas season and such. so why not?

I just got off the phone with you probably not even an hour ago, but I have nothing else so do to...

I'm trying to remember all the information you wanted that I didn't have. But I'm drawing blanks, so remind me when you get this.

This pochta is super hot every time we come in here!

Tell me things you want pictures of, except for gov. buildings and the actual metro, these are neel-za (forbidden). But I think I can take pictures of the museum kind of parts in the metros.

I still don't know how mail works here, but I'll figure it out so I can find a way to get you my memory cards when they fill up I don't have many pictures now so it will probably be a long while. I need to figure out how to send actual letters too.

Well I don't have a whole much more to say than I have already said on the phone just a bit ago.

-Blake Wight