Thursday, December 17, 2009

Six Days!!!!

Dear Family
Sounds like the house is undergoing some major changes, which is pretty cool. So have you thrown away the old computer? I guess it doesn't really matter, just curious.

Yeah, the white handbook is very nice tool to have. We call it in our branch the book of blessings. by obedience to the white handbook we are blessed. Obedience is an opportunity to receive blessings, and show God our love and willingness to submit to his will.

So is the family going to do a Christmas time ski trip this year? What's the deal on that?

I sent my flight plans vie snail mail, which you should be receiving soon. The times on the flight plan are LOCAL. I would guess I would be calling you from JFK. And as for Christmas phone call, I don't know whether it would be on the 25th of Dec. or the 7th of January. Europeans celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. I would guess it is up to the mission president. 3 calls in a week? I though just layover and Christmas, when else?

As for email in Russia, I don't know which one i will be using. BUT I'm pretty sure once in Russia, everyone will be able to email me, not just family like it is here.

About pictures, please only send a few that i either suggest or you want to send. you can expect to have that big thing of letters sent back soon, sorry. I have a weight limit, and a lot of them I took so you could see what goes on here, I don't really care to have them with me all the time. Which reminds me, I am going to send a package home of things that won't fit in the weight limit and I don't really need. there is some deal here where I can send any size package to somewhere in Provo and people pick it up for 5 bucks, or I pay, I forget. or I can just send it home? maybe grandma could pick it up? but I don't want to be a burden on her, I'm sure she is busy.

I did get my nose cauterised yesterday. just as terrible as the first time, hahaha. my nose dripped that nasty goo for awhile. It was weird to ride in a van and see people without name tags. I felt like i should be teaching everybody, but everyone was Mormon, hahaha.

It totally doesn't seem like the Christmas season here. its so weird, I hope that it turns out to be a pretty cool one. Elders have said that Christmas' on their missions are the most memorable. I hope they are right. Its like ten days away, but I've only been looking forward to my flight into Moscow I haven't really noticed how close it was.

Remember the brother in the branch presidency that I had the amazing interview with and that is going to be a mission president? Well he got moved to a different branch, and is the Branch President of branch 53 now. Pretty crazy.

I am so ready to out of the MTC. I weighed myself at gym the other day. 171. hahaha. tell that to Kearsley. I loved hearing about the team, please keep me posted. It sounds like a lot of the littler guys got bigger, I was surprised to see that the team's line-up was stronger in the mid-heavy range.

anyway, I have 6 days! woohoo!

помните кто ты!

remember who you are!

Love you all!