Friday, January 1, 2010

My 1st Contacts

Talking to you all was really nice, I loved it. So Christmas eve we had a Christmas party where we played games, ate, did some skit things and had a lot of fun. hahaha not much missionary work. Then on Christmas we talked, and then studied afterwords, so we got out late. So far I have met (I'm going to do the American version of the names, because I don't know how to change to Russian)

A., who has read the Book of Mormon 3 times in Russian and is now reading it in English, he has very good English, but he believes Jews are 100% correct except they don't accept Jesus as their savior, which is the one thing he KNOWS. I don't get it. I challenged him to not listen to anybody, but just pray about it.

M., 55 years old man, takes care of his mother, very good man, just needs help trying to see the purpose of the Book of Mormon, he accepts it as truth, but doesn't know why we need it. also knows some English.

D., all his friends are in the church, but he is just too lazy to do anything. he asks weird questions like where we "shoot" the holy ghost from, and where exactly in your body do you feel it? Weird guy, hahaha. He decided he was going to fast this last week for no reason, we tried to help him see that it is just going hungry... I'm curious to see how that goes.

Di. is a member of the church, has a funny accent, has no job, so we call him up all of the time to go on visits with us. We are re-teaching him the lessons as practice, and also we need to go over the lessons again after he was baptized.

V., was a punk kid, and one day while watching South Park, they mentioned the "Mormons." He called got a book of Mormon, read it, got baptized, and is now filling out papers to go on a mission. He was the one that gave me the "welcome to Russia shirt" with the bear. He has gauges that are healing up and like three tattoos, but he has really changed. (from what i hear)

N. An old lady that can't walk, we visit her every Sunday and Tuesday, to pass the sacrament, and to help her out with anything. on the Tuesdays she like us to take her out. She tutors English and is pretty funny lady, i really enjoy going over to her place and meeting with her.

M., member of the church, loves missionaries, we practice Russian with him a lot. not much there...

L. (American) and Di. 2 (different one, but still Russian), dated online she came over and married him, she is a member, he is not. Dimitri was born in Soviet Russia, so he has a hard time grasping religion, but he has a real desire, the only problem is that he has a million questions. We asked him to write only a few so that next time we can have a real lesson, because Q&A won't help him grow.

Well I think that's it! So far, almost all of our investigators know English, but sometimes we teach in Russian, and sometimes in English, it really just depends on them and the day. its weird.

Today, new years, there is NOBODY on t he metro, which is insane. we had to be in at 5 last night, and we were allowed to watch 3 movies. we watched HP 6, UP, and a Russian Disney film, the translation being "book of masters." which even if i understood it, I'm pretty sure was terrible.

So about my journal... days have not been very regular lately, and i just have forgotten about it. I remember later, but I don't have time. I'm planning on doing it today though.

I'll see if I can get a card reader deal so I can send pictures right away, and you don't have to wait for my cards to see some choice pictures. right now there is a guy pasted out in here, no doubt because of last night, and there is a beer can right next to him, pretty funny! don't worry, I got a picture.

I really miss all of you! But, I'm glad I am here.

из Россий с любовью
(from russia with love)

-Старейшина Блейк Уайт
-Elder Blake Wight