Thursday, January 7, 2010

Settling In

So this week I'm emailing from a different place because one of the workers at the place where we usually email from left a window open overnight and the register and some other things were frozen. Sweet huh?

Sister C. (Mission President's wife) told me that she exchanged a few emails with you. She is a great lady, I love the them.

This week we dropped our investigator A., because he wasn't keeping commitments and straight up told us he wasn't going to join our church. Bad news is we are thinking about dropping another one, D., the one that is married to the American member, we just don't want to because we are L's only contact with the church. She comes to church once a month, and we are afraid that will drop to zero if we stop coming. Questions, Questions.

About everyday here is about 10 degrees below zero Celsius, except a few days where it was pushing -20. that was freezing. one of those days this happened... (I copied and pasted from my email to my mission president)

This week our miracle was pretty cool. We headed out to go tracting at this dome we picked out. We got there and rang probably 20 domaphones and no one answered, to let us in. We went to few different подезд (kind of like a column of a building) and tried them, and still no one answered. We got on the metro because it was cold enough that it wasn't fun being outside and tried snake contacting, which we also didn't have much success with. It was time to head home so we took our metro home. As we left the metro building I saw I guy wearing a Salt Lake City Olympics jacket and told my companion. We went over and talked with him for a minute, and he told us he had stayed with the Mormons there and wondered where he could find them. We exchanged numbers, and hopefully we will be able to start teaching him soon.

Pretty cool huh? I think our investigator M. we will challenge to baptism this week. (he wasn't able to meet this last week due to holidays)

the A's family we are working on re-activating, I hope they start coming, because they are a really nice family.

Anyways, that's all for this week investigator-wise.

Yesterday we helped set up a Christmas party, and then stayed for it. I had no idea what was going on the whole time, it was really awkward. People talk at me and I just look at them and tell them it is my second week and I don't understand. Which always makes metro contacting interesting.

Two days ago me and my old companion elder M. went on a split because our companions went to a District Leadership meeting. We taught a member and visited N. I had to get us around on the metro which was kinda of crazy, but not bad, we made it everywhere we needed to go.

We got moved from conversational class at English club to beginner. Bummer.

Yeah, so that is it for this week!

Dad-please keep sending pictures, if they are too big I can just zoom out no problem.

Whats the deal with the packages from the MTC? am I going to get those? Did you even receive them? I just would like to know.

Anyways, love you all!

Elder Blake Wight