Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Roomie and wrestling tips


I'm finally on my regular weekly schedule. p-days on Wednesdays. This last week we taught another lesson to M. but it wasn't right to give him a baptismal date, we are really pushing for one soon though. He is a real good investigator. L. and D. are doing well, L. left for a visa trip to Kiev yesterday, or the day before. We have decided that the real problem with teaching D is L. We think that D. would keep commitments like coming to church and praying with his wife, but she just isn't into it. She asked us to give her a blessing before she left, which my companion gave, and he said that he almost should ask why. We need her to be a better example to D. of what a member should be, and once that happens we hope that he will be a much better investigator. He is good, and progressing, but with an active member as a spouse, he could grow so much faster.

We found out this week we are getting another set of missionaries in our district, and that they will be living with us because we have two bunk beds. One is elder H. He is with us right now. The other, that will be his companion, is a mini missionary named V., the one with all the tattoos. A mini missionary is a member that is a missionary for a short amount of time in the mission they live in. So he will be serving for only a few weeks with elder H. We have already gotten elder H this morning, he seems to be bummed to be moving around so much, and I don't blame him.

Yesterday we went inactive finding, so we can better fill-out our branch record, which is really outdated. People have died, moved, and some now hate the church. So last night we went and found out that one couple is never home. We left them a Liahona magazine. The next couple had moved, but the old lady living there was one of the couple's mom. The last lady was the best. We found her, and she did not look happy to see us. She invited us in anyways, and as we tried to share a message, she said thanks, but no. She also told us she "knew everything" hahaha, weird. We left her the Liahona magazine and asked her to read the Love of God talk, but she "already knew." She also made the fatal mistake of telling us that she was planning on coming to church this Sunday. We will definitely be giving her a ring when she doesn't show on Sunday.

We only had three investigators before. That email awhile ago is pretty much everyone I know/ taught. We only dropped one of them. My Russian is going a lot better. I'm understanding a lot better, and picking up words. I can't wait til I'm at the point where I can ask what a word means, and understand the response.

I hope that dad's knee gets better. Maybe get it looked at?

Casey, work on the other moves, it will really help you know how to defend them, and be able to use them and pin faster. Also, I used to be bad on bottom, but how I got better wasn't just practicing getting out, the best thing that helped me, was telling myself that no one could keep me down, and telling myself that enough, until I knew that no one could keep me down.

I'm doing great here, just please let me know if that other package is coming. Please send me Mitch's email's if you get them. And, please send the recipe for the brownies!

I love you all!

-Elder Blake Wight