Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finding... answers, investigators, packages

How about Elder M. writes you next week? Does that sound good?

That is so cool you decided to go to England! wow! Elder M. was a big traveler, and his family went on a lot of vacations. He recommends you take a couple days for Norway, he says its beautiful.

I should have brought pictures of thunder with me, I miss that dog so much.

Last night we went over to this couples house. The guy very soon after baptized had a stroke and can't come to church anymore. I brought my family pictures which she LOVED. that might even be an understatement, but it was so funny. She was using the diminutive form while talking about you guys, which means that it makes the words cutesy, small, happy... you get it. We shared a short message with them and booked it home.

Also this week we have taken on the 17 years investigator C. Whew. We set a baptismal date with him and gave him a teaching record so he knows what he has to know and do to receive an "answer." His deal is that he hasn't received an "answer." Hopefully we can help him.

While studying Preach My Gospel I ran across the scripture in first or second Cor. chapter 2 verses 9-14. probably 1st? It reminded me of D., and is exactly what he needs. It was so cool to have found that. He feels like he needs to be able to physically test it, but the spirit isn't of the world.

I did receive the letter from grandparents last week, I just don't have a whole lot of time to write people back. We only have an hour to read all the letters, write president, write home, and whoever else, which usually doesn't happen. I did receive 2 packages today though... possibly grandparents package? someone just called us and told us.

In packages, just by the way, please just send food, like snack things that we don't have here. Unless they are the few other things I specifically asked for or you've asked me about. The Nerf guns were thrown away, because we just don't have time to use them, and its just not useful.

This week we are really pushing to find a new investigator, we haven't added any since the beginning of the transfer, and we really need to find someone new.

We are switching over to G-mail soon through the church, which is going to be cool, I'll keep you posted on how that's going to turn out.

This one member family, the F. family, we have been visiting is so cool. The Father knows a little English and he plays the guitar really well we found out. He sang a couple songs last time we were over there, like "Let it Be", and "What a Wonderful World", it was awesome.

That's all for this week. its kind of weird this transfer is almost over.

Love you all!
-Elder Blake Wight