Wednesday, January 20, 2010

M. Family comes to church

So this week has been really good. We challenged M. to baptism, which he declined, which is alright, no problem. Also, the B. family I asked to start coming to church came! They are inactive, and we have been working with them. It was so cool, I felt so happy for them. Yesterday I went on a split again and visited them, and asked them to write their testimonies on Book of Mormons so we can hand them out and we can tell them about the people that we gave their Book of Mormon to. That idea came from zone conference this last Tuesday, it gets members into missionary work without having to chastise or beg. It will be really cool, I hope the idea works out.

Also, our investigator D. agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon. He is definitely making progress, and his wife is in Kiev for only like a few more days. She is also from some state in the south I think. I don't know exactly.

OH! i got my first contact, I was on splits with the new elder living with us, so I let him have it, because he has no investigators or contacts.

As for discussions, I give a decent amount, probably like 20-40 percent. But the last two times we have gone to the B. family's house, it has been me on a split with someone. Those times I gave almost the whole thing, that is when I asked them to come to church and write in the Book of Mormons.

The two new elders in our dorm isn't bad, its just a little more messy, and we go through food like crazy. Other than that, no biggie. The native is really helping my Russian, just being able to ask him if phrases I say are ok and just hearing Russian so often. Its good.

The grief lady did not come to church, I don't know if we have called her yet, but its going in my planner as we speak.

I JUST bought a coat, I pulled another hundred off for emergency cases, and buying some kind of bag to carry things around in. The other coat is one I have been borrowing until we could go to a market, which was today. Vova the mini missionary went with me and helped me barter.

Please send my ballot, I will do what I can to vote. I agree, I really should vote. I heard Obama passed a socialized health care bill? is that true? I just would like to know BIG things that are happening, and if that is true, that is big.

What is the don't answer game? I have no idea what that is about.

The cold here isn't too bad, The coldest this last week was like -20 c. which is like -8ish F?

As for Casey's wrestling, really, the next big step in his game is figuring out that no one can stay on top of him. Really, skill is good, but the mindset is probably 100 times more useful. Casey, look at the guy and just think how small his little arms are, and that there is no chance that guy can stay on top of you, if he is buff, just think that there is no way that short little boy is gonna keep you down. The only reason they stay on top of you is because you let them.

Carissa, I'm glad to hear that you are doing so great in basketball! Keep making those hoops, and working on your shooting and ball handling skills! Don't let the house be boring, do something to make it fun! if you are bored, it is because you are boring.

Samantha, You will have to tell me what classes you are interested in, and what teachers teach them, then I will be able to help you out. I can't do a whole lot for you without knowing what you are interested in. and keep practicing ball handling, just do under the legs, then while walking, then more and more. It helped me get a lot better back in the day.

Anyways, life is good! I don't get any mail besides from the family, but its all good, I don't know if I'd have time to reply.

love ya'll

-Elder Blake Wight.