Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sundays... and finally, "the code"

This is Blake's first "letter, letter" home. It is so great to hear he is having a great experience. Enjoy...

The MTC is awesome! I'll answer some questions you asked. Sacrament meeting is cool, one elder and one sister each give a talk in Russian! They are 3-5 minutes long. Oh and we are a branch, all Russian/Ukraine Elders/Sisters. The sacrament prayers are in Russian also, but you receive the assignment earlier in the week. After the Russian talks, one of the branch Presidency's wives speaks, and then one of the Branch Presidency. Everything but announcements and the Presidency's wife's talk are in Russian. It's very cool. Sunday is by far the best day, it's more relaxing, but still we learn a lot. We have devotionals on Sunday and P-day (Tuesdays). The one on Sunday was very good. After devotional we can either study or watch some church films. We watched The Testaments, which in my opinion, is amazing.
Next, the phone code is my birthday, hahahaha, but you already figured that out... (A little explanation is in order. Blake ceremoniously handed the "kids phone" over to Samantha the night he was set apart. He had put a security code on it. He never had a code on it before, so the first week everyday I would ask Blake to make sure and tell me the code so Samantha could use the phone while in San Fransisco. She finally figured it out on the last day of her trip. The stinker....)
Also my companion's address is exactly the same as mine, you just address it to Elder Daniel Mount, instead of me. (I asked for it for surprise package I was sending)
Some things I could use here-stamps and envelopes and a jacket for p-day, that's it for now I believe. And pictures!
My district is very cool, they are all great Elders and Sisters. Sister Dungan in my district is from Hillsboro, which was cool.
Some things we aren't allowed to say here, "dude", "guy", or "awesome". I didn't realize how often I say them. The branch is very "delightful", (delightful is our district's substitute for awesome). Our theme is 100% obedience, which is very cool. Our Branch President came into our classroom during MDT (Missionary Directed Time) and talked with us. I'm glad we have him. Anyways, the language is coming along great, the spirit is strong here, my companion and I get along, its great!
Just a reminder, put up my address and box number on the group and make it clear I have no addresses. (That means he can't write you until you write him.) E-mail is also JUST (underlined 3 times) for family, which I didn't know. Tell people I would love to hear from them!
Well I love you Mom, & also everybody else.

Then he writes I love you (plural) in Russian and his name in Russian. (I have GOT to get a fancy language program so I can type in Russian because it looks way cool!)

P.S. Send a roll of clear or masking tape.

Mom writing again...
I know he would really like a picture of all of his friends and family, so would you please send me a 4x6 picture of you to our home. 7973 SW 189th Ave. Aloha OR 97007 I am putting together a small, friends and family photo album. I would like to send it soon. E-mailing me would work too.