Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blake's first P-day!

Hey mom!

1st p-day here in the MTC, which is tuesday... Anyways, the MTC is great, the first few days are pretty rough, but definitely good. Sunday is by far my favorite day here. On P-days, I only get an half hour to use email, and email is for writing to family only. So everybody will have to just write me regular old letters. BTW i hope you have put up my address on the Facebook group. And if you would, send the group a message letting them know you posted the first letter, and that I would really like letters, it really is great to hear from home. I recommend Dear Elder. I miss everybody from home, but I haven't really felt home sick... yet. I have already written a real letter before using this email, so i will probably write the same things twice.

So far my favorite letter is the one that dad wrote explaining casey's hunt. The part when he wrote out the monologue. that made me laugh. I read it out to my district and they thought it was pretty funny too. That is SO Casey.

Melinda was right about food here, it seems like we are CONSTANTLY eating, dinner and lunch are like 4 hours apart. The food here is alright, but the choices are not the most healthy, its hard to try and find the right things so eat so i dont swell up like a balloon. It also stinks that we don't get a whole tone of time at gym. its still fun, but it feels like i don't get a good enough workout sometimes...

I am grateful to you and dad for getting me out so i love doing other things besides living a lazy-mans dream. My companion is twenty one, and decided life stunk, and decided to serve a mission. I try and help him out a lot.

Anyways, I'm sending my letter letter today, so we'll see how long it takes.

I love you mom... and everybody else.