Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/27/09 Flags and snow

I don't know whats up, but the picture (of Samantha) didn't go through.

I also already know about mom's moment, because she told me as well as Carissa.

And speaking of pictures, I have zero pictures of anybody, so next package, make sure to send some Wight Family Classics. As well as my mission pic of me jumping over the creek.

Pretty normal week this week, nothing much to say, except the older Russian elders started SYL which is they have to Speak Your Language 100% of the time to other people that know Russian. and its for the last two weeks. NOT THE WHOLE TIME. (Jeff bet Blake that he would have to speak Russian the entire time he was there after a couple of days), hahaha. I win. Life is good here.

I think I will be sending a memory card today, so you can download those pictures and sort through them. I can't think of anything more to say at the moment, so, until next week!


I think i will send the memory card today, I don't have, like perfect pictures of everybody, but you can at least see the people in my district.

I really appreciate that last package, I used the tape to finally put up the flag in our room. I hope it stays.The daily box deal is pretty exciting everyday. hahaha .

If you could get me the address of the Clint Carters, that would be nice, they got me a package, and I threw away the box. Same thing with a letter from Grandpa Sensenbach. If you could send those in the next letter so I could write them back, that would be nice.

Today it was snowing when we left the temple, so our district photo shoot was shortened to just jumping pictures outside. Next week we plan on having a stylish winter picture shoot, so we'll get some good shots. Pretty normal week otherwise. not much to say.

Oh, the older group started SYL yesterday, read dad's email to find out what that is, I only have so much time.

I'd like this part I'm about to write to go out TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SAID THEY'D WRITE. Letters are exciting, and its like Christmas morning getting letters, especially from your friends. SO GET OFF FACEBOOK RIGHT NOW AND WRITE ME A DANG LETTER. hahaha =D

I love you mom... everybody too... and even those who haven't written yet.

я люблю вас!

-Blake Wight