Sunday, October 25, 2009

Broken Alarm Clock, What?! Already?

Dear Mother (crossed out) ...Family,

I don't have much to write to you about, outside of what is in my e-mails, which also isn't much. I really am loving the package though.

It's starting to get winter-cold here as of today, yesterday and Sunday were pretty warm, but today it just keeps getting colder. Which reminds me, MY JACKET (which I have already sent to him, don't worry) please send it! And the other few things I asked for besides stamps, thanks.

Russian is coming along, but I'm no pro. My companion, is remembering words and keeping up, but his accent needs some work. I'm trying to remind him of pronunciation and stessing the correct vowels of words, overall- it's going well.

I broke my alarm clock already. I'm on the top bunk and I put my alarm clock on the closet. One night I put it too close to the edge and in the morning, it fell and broke. Crap. (My mom and dad were down in Provo and bought him a new one and dropped it off at some MTC drop box).

Anyways, love you MOM! and Dad! And children. hahahaha
Then he wrote I love you in Russian.