Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello Family and friends! This week I'd like to tell you about a miracle I experienced this last week.
A couple of Sundays ago, we went over to investigator's house, he is not a member, but his wife is. She is American and he is Russian. She - L., gets sick a lot, has had three miscarriages, and is extremely unlucky. He is an investigator that has a ton of questions but has a sincere desire to know, but, also has had struggles with reading and praying daily. We went over there, I gave her a blessing of comfort, and had a good lesson. In this lesson, my companion promised them that if they read, prayed personally, and together everyday, that a miracle would occur before Saturday, that they would know it was from our Heavenly Father, and they would remember forever. After the lesson, we decided we needed to fast, and fasted on Thursday/Friday. L. called Friday morning and asked us what kind of dictionaries we had, because she needed to buy one. (she is learning Russian, D., her husband, knows English) We told her, and also asked if she had seen anything that week, she said not yet, and we told her that she still has that night and tomorrow. That night she called us and told us that she was pregnant, which really is a miracle, because she has had some surgery, and the probability of her being pregnant went WAY down. like 1 in 100000. She said it usually takes 5-8 years to conceive after this surgery, and its been 8 months.
Hopefully we will have a baptismal date for D. soon. He still has a lot of questions though.
Anyways, Today for p-day we re-organized our study room, and cleaned the apt. It is definitely going to be easier to receive revelation while studying from now on. I'm excited to study tomorrow, hahaha.
ah... what else this last week? This transfer with elder R. so far has been really cool so far. We try a lot more Russian food. We also drink a TON of juice, it is so good here.
We walked with a 25-year old that has down syndrome for service this week, it will probably be a weekly thing from now on, and it is really good. It gives the parents a break for a little bit.
There is this member named L. who we are working with (teaching piano lessons with a spiritual thought) who is a little mentally handicapped. We found out that he has been writing another deaf woman member that lives in Ukraine. He is kind of deaf, and knows British sign, American sign, and Russian sign. When my companion asked if he loves her, he replied "нимоножка" which means a little bit. Then when my companion asked if she loved him, he asked my companion if he doesn't believe him. He is a fun guy to work with.
Fun Moscow/Russian fact for the day:
EVERYONE here smokes. Cigarettes here are dirt cheap. Somewhere around a quarter, a dollar for the expensive kind. Also, everyone drinks, there are no laws against public drunkenness. I'll go more into that one maybe next week.
Anyways, love you all! This transfer is already half over! Whoa, time flies.
и каждая неделя мой русский лучше! (and every week my Russian is better!)
-Elder Blake Wight