Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ups and Downs

Sounds Like you are had a good time in Europe! So this last week was good in some ways, but in other ways not. Nothing really having to do with me, but just bummer stuff.

1st. ( I took this one out. I will be editing out other people's personal info, anyway it was a bummer for Blake)

2nd. Last week was super hard to find meetings with people. It seems like there are always Russian holidays going on, so its hard to meet with people. We ended the week with 15 meetings, which is the only time this transfer below 20 which is the weekly mission goal. We tried as hard as we could, but like i think I said in my last letter, all of our investigators got busy and absolutely have no time.
Thats about all the bad stuff that happened this week.

Good stuff; this week was I think a big step in my personal study, it was pretty good. I am way more effective than I think i have been with studying. Working hard to increase my faith, and right now, that includes better praying. I've done somethings, and they definitely are better, but its hard to remember all the things that I want to do while i'm praying, so hopefully they get even better.
Also, kind of exciting, I am getting transferred tomorrow, I don't know where, just that i am. My comp is going to be a zone leader also. there are only two zones in our mission by the way.

AND, VISA TRIP to Kiev. Its only me, elder B., and sister Br.. Which is ok i guess... She served two mini missions in Kiev, so she will give me and elder B. a nice tour. I leave the 20th super early in the morning.
Fun Russian Fact: Russians are terribly superstitious. No shaking hands under doorways, not even a joke, they will not do it. also that carries into that they always worry about how much cold weather stuff you wear, бабушкы sometimes yell at you if you don't have enough stuff on. I think they wear too much, they have to always be sweating. gross.

I'm doing good, next week I'll let you know where my new area is, and who my companion is.

I have not yet received the valentines day package. Honestly, it probably isn't going to ever come. which reminds me, on address' don't include the word that has okrug in it, that word/address, is out in novasabirsk. Maybe thats why I have been getting next to zero letters.
Please let people know about POUCH MAIL. I don't know the address or anything, but figure it out, because its safer and faster. one piece of paper folded in three, and no envelope.

Anyways ya'll, love you!

-Elder Blake Wight

-check out the Picture: mmmmmmmmm, russian toothpaste.