Saturday, November 14, 2009

Russian Lessons

Dear Family,
E-mail wigged out, so it didn't send, AND I ran out of time. SO it's just the letter this week. For my schedule on an average day, I wake up, get breakfast, sower, and head to class, with wither Brother Burgess or Sister Jenson, it's always the same classroom. Then lunch, and back to class for either more class or MDT (I'm not sure what that is, maybe exercise?) Then dinner, then either class or MDT, but we only have MDT once a day. I'll see if I can copy my schedule to send you. (I requested this info, because I have no ideas what he does in the MTC)

This week is kind of crazy, almost all of the older elders in our branch have left, which make us the older group. Also, next Wednesday we get about a dozen new elders plus 2 native sisters. It is going to be pretty fun.

This week is going to be my first time teaching a lesson in Russian. Can you believe that? It's pretty crazy. The socks and garments are MUCH appreciated. For future refernce, I like socks higher that the ankle for athletic socks and whose two kinds are very nice. The thick wool socks are a little too big. I'm a size 10. (He goes on to give his garment sizes and preferences, but I won't bore you with that.)

If you could , would you please send a FEW international stamps so I can send some letters to Mitch?

Dad, watch the talk "Forever a Missionary" by Elder Ballard. It might be hard to find because it is a MTC talk. It's really goo though.

Love you all!

Blake Wight