Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Candy Galore

Dear mother,
Because I have already written you a real, letter, I won't repeat myself.

I have not yet received socks or underwear yet, (I told him I sent it, but I haven't yet. ooops) I think the MTC post room is a little slow, because I got grandma Carter's Halloween package late, by a few days, and she sent it from the BYU bookstore.

I found out some things about customs this last week you might want to know about. Don't send expensive things, customs people steal. if you really want to try though, put stickers of Jesus and the sort on the box, if they are superstitious they won't want to mess with it. Or send in smaller packages, its more expensive, but then they probably won't steal small packages.

OK, I'll repeat myself this once, my companion is the new District Leader, our DL became the Zone Leader because the older group is leaving soon. exciting huh?

I know you might have to type up some of the things that I put in my real letter, but please do it, I'd like everybody to know whats going on over here at the MTC.

One of the Elders in my room had a cousin that just left to the field, and he donated all of his candy, we are packed with candy. We have decided to start hiding it in all the wall sockets and in creative places for the new missionaries to find. But keep sending! =)

I have been writing in my journal every other day, and the days I miss, I make up for. My entries are getting smaller and smaller though because it is the same thing every day.

I love you!
-Blake Wight.