Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ups and Downs

Sorry mom, but I just don't have enough time to read talks, like the one you posted here, we pay for internet, I'd like to read it, I just don't have the time.

Did you get the pictures I sent last week? I hope they got through. (No they didn't :( )

I have not seen a package, but the офисники (office elders) haven't dropped mail and packages off at the central building yet, so maybe?

This last week has had ups and downs, downs are just things we currently struggle with, not actually bad things.


- L. and D aren't sick anymore, we gave L. a blessing, which I said. During the lesson Elder R. promised them something unforgettable as a testimony builder on the condition that they read, pray together, and individually every day. D. grows by leaps and bounds, every meeting he surprises us.

- New investigator V. we found at english club on Wednesday, and we met with him twice, and then he cam to church. 4 DAYS to get to church. Definitely one of the elect. He wants us to come to his place and meet his family, he is a really great guy.


- We're having a really hard time reaching the mission goal of 20 meetings a week. People constantly fig us. (don't show up, or cancel last minute, Russian word) With elder M. he knew everyone so well that he knew what to do if we got figged, which happened SO much less than now. I don't know why.

- M. is getting really hard to teach, when he asked if we think he understands what we talk about, we told him no. He wants physical proof of everything, and its hard. There is a great bible verse, but in Russian its mis-translated. The orthodox church version is the only legal version here.

Something funny that happened on Sunday...
We were on a маршутка (marshootka, its like a van that you pay a dollar for, and they follow bus routes, way faster and frequent than buses) and we were talking to the only other guy there. We told him we were from America, and when he hears this, he unzips his coat and starts digging around for something. Its like he had this thing that he has been waiting to give to an American. I had no idea what to guess it was. He finally finds the thing and reaches his hand out to give it to me. I take it, and it was a green pen. Just a regular old green pen, it wasn't nice, it wasn't anything but green. I have no idea why he was anxious to give this to us but whatever. I am pretty sure he wasn't drunk either.

I found out that next transfer that there is an Elder White coming next transfer. I hope I train him. hahaha.

I am now starting Fun Moscow/Russian fact, here goes:
бабушки (babooshkee, which means grandmas/old ladies) have little carts that they drag everywhere, they have bags of who knows what in them. Also, no one ever carries anything unless they are in bags. You don't mess with the бабушки here, because they are tough as nails. They either hate missionaries, or love us, its kind of a fun thing to find out.

So thats all for this week. I love you all tons!

- Старейшина блейк уайт