Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, last week, I did receive 3 packages, 1 from Grandma and two from you, with all the things you said were in them. One question, does the voltage or something matter for the digital picture frame? I don't have a converter, and I'm afraid to plug it in without one. Luckily a roommate, has one, so I saw some pictures. there are like a bajillion of Cason, and some of me, which is weird.

Transfers this week, and my companion is leaving! he has been here for 4 transfers, ever since the beginning. he was trained, and then trained three times in a row after that. There are only two Americans left that are "old" after this transfer, and President likes to let missionaries be regular missionaries before they go home, so one of the younger guys has to be the AP. Its really cool to try and guess where everybody is going, and its awesome that everyone in the mission is cool, obedient, and a good hard worker, so we never have to worry about getting a crappy companion.

It is crazy how fast time flies. I have something like
4 months already down. 1/6 is over. I need to take more pictures, hahaha.

Lessons this week were good, D is reading (listening) to the Book of Mormon! He is awesome. Its weird though, his wife is the thing that is stunting his growth, because she doesn't like church, and she doesn't pray daily or read daily. She was the whole reason he started meeting with the missionaries, and now she as a member, is not helping at all, she makes it harder.

Its weird that you gave a lesson on sacrifice and sanctifying ourselves, because that is what I studied this morning. I'm really looking for things that I can sacrifice in my missionary life, so that I can be the best possible, and willingness came up a lot.

I noticed this last week, that in my personal study I have no time to even study what I want to study, I have to prepare for my investigators that day. Unless its p-day, then I get to pick how and what I study. Its amazing to me that even scripture study can't be for me.

That's all for this week, I'll write next week with news about my new companion. love you all!

-Elder Blake Wight

p.s. hopefully my companion emails you.